About Us

GARUDA RIAS TEKNOLOGI (GRT) is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) company established in 2012 in Jakarta and already has a Principle License for the Implementation of Internet Access Services with number: 39 of 2014 and Permit to Operate Internet Service Providers with numbers : 104 in 2015 and has had a certificate in the APJII membership since 2014.

GRT is one of the internet resellers of PT Mora Telematika Indonesia (Moratelindo), one of the largest fiber optic companies in Indonesia, which has experience since 2000 and already has NAP and ISPs licenses whose services are spread across Java and Sumatra for Domestic and Singapore to International.

Become one of the developing and successful companies in the information and technology solutions business in Indonesia

Support business for other companies with information and technology solutions
affordable internet based


  • Surat Keterangan Laik Operasi (SKLO) di Medan | No. 19/KOMINFO/DJPPI/PI.02.05/2/2015 | 3 Feb 2015
  • Surat Keterangan Laik Operasi (SKLO) di Pekanbaru | No. 23/KOMINFO/DJPPI/PI.02.05/2/2015 | 4 Feb 2015
  • Izin Prinsip Penyelenggaraan Jasa Akses Internet | No.39 | 20 Jun 2014
  • Izin Penyelenggaraan Jasa Akses Internet (Internet Service Provider) | No. 104 | 24 Feb 2015
  • Sertifikat Keanggotaan APJII | No. 426/APJII/K-2018 | 9 Oct 2014

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Tebet Barat Jakarta Selatan
Telp: 021-80683027
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